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We started our operations in 2013 in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and neighboring areas, and currently, we are capable of managing properties nationwide. We specialize in the management of commercial properties, including retail, office, and warehouse facilities.

Our administrators systematically oversee properties, ensuring their safe use, aesthetic appeal, and coordinating with technical service providers for warranty repairs, while maintaining constant communication with tenants. Additionally, we offer comprehensive maintenance and landscaping services year-round, including cleaning and ongoing facility upkeep.

We take great care in everything we do, which has earned us the trust of numerous investors.

Our goal is to ensure the optimal utilization of properties, maximizing their investment potential and ensuring long-term value.

Professional management, Your properties, Our passion


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Our team

Tomasz Pisoń
Tomasz Pisoń
real estate expert
tel. +48 723 014 490
Emilia Kamińska
Emilia Kamińska
real estate expert
tel. +48 730 114 084
MCH 9052
Michał Rakowski
real estate expert
tel. + 48 884 714 084
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